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Where Can I Get a Foodbank Voucher?

If you are struggling to afford food, you will probably be eligible for help from the foodbank. Though access to many services and organisations are currently restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are still plenty of places you can access to request a referral to the foodbank. Most ask you to phone or email them, and they will then email us with your foodbank voucher.

(Please note, if you can afford food, but are struggling to get it due to the coronavirus, you need to call the Bristol City Council’s We Are Bristol’s support phone number: 0800 694 0184.)

Try phoning or emailing your;

  • Child’s school

  • Local Children’s Centre or Community Centre

  • GP

  • Housing Association or Housing Officer

  • Jobcentre

  • Any worker or organisation currently supporting you, such as your Health Worker, Social Worker, Family Worker, Mental Health Worker or Debt Adviser.

If you are not already supported by any of the above, or cannot contact them, try;

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