The Trussell Trust has worked with nutritionists to design a food parcels that contains at least three days worth of food to enable our clients to provide healthy, balanced meals for themselves and their families.

The food will be packed into supermarket carrier bags for you to take home, or you can supply your own bags if you prefer.


(We are totally reliant on food donations from the public, so items may not always be available.)

Our Foodbank provides three days of nutritionally balanced, non-perishable food.

A food parcel
usually contains


Tinned soup

Tinned baked beans

Tinned tomatoes or pasta sauce

Tinned vegetables

Tinned meat

Tinned fish

Tinned puddings

Tinned fruit


Coffee or Tea

Instant mashed potato

Fruit juice

UHT milk

Pasta & Rice


Snacks & Treats


Fresh Food


On top of the non-perishable food parcel you will receive, we will have a number of ‘help your self’ fresh items available. These differ from week to week, but generally include fresh vegetables, fruit, bread and cake products. These are kindly donated by M&S at Cribbs Causeway. This food is still fresh, but will be close or just past its BBE date.


Other items available on request


We often have cat and dog food available.


If you have a young child or baby, we will often have nappies, wipes, baby food and sometimes baby milk.


We may have sugar on request.


Our volunteers will check if you have any additional requirements when they talk to you on arrival at the Foodbank.


Dietary requirements


If you have any special dietary needs, for example gluten free, no pork, vegetarian or you have any food allergies you will be able to talk these through with the volunteer who is looking after you when you arrive at the Foodbank.