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"All are welcomed and accepted"

August 2015

A local Health Visitor said yesterday, “You make a huge difference, so thank you for doing it, especially as it’s not based on ‘status’ – I mean, “All are welcomed and accepted”.

June 2015

Said by one of our clients left this week after spending half an hour talking to one of our volunteers and finding some support to sort out their crisis, they said as they left the Foodbank, “I feel so much better now, thank you!”

January 2015-April 2015

A first time client who came in this week, said they were really ashamed and embarrassed to be seeking help from the Foodbank. However, by the end of their visit they were encouraged by the welcome and help they were given, and felt much happier when they knew they would be able to donate food back to us once they were back on their feet.

A client recently was so hungry, the moment they got their food parcel they opened a tin and began drinking straight from the tin!

These clients own their own house and have previously been working. “I have had to use the Foodbank outlet in Lawrence Weston during the Christmas period. My Job Seekers Allowance was stopped just before Christmas and because of the Christmas period I have had to last for 3 ½ weeks on just £30. I had to use this for electric and gas for myself and my elderly father. For nearly two weeks we have been without power.” (Another family member at this point, said that they spend their evenings in the dark, without heating and with nothing to do because they can’t watch the TV.) They went onto say, “We have needed this food to survive. If it wasn’t for the Foodbank we would literally starve in our own country. And remember this is 2015 not 1815!!”

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