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"I was given really good products as well and not made to feel bad about being there"

September-December 2014

“Although I am employed, I’m ‘underemployed’! That is, I am only given 15 hours a week’s work. I’ve been job hunting for three years and am now on such a low income, I’ve applied for housing benefit and Council Tax benefit (which could take two months to process) so I have become eligible for Foodbank vouchers. You don’t have to be homeless or jobless to be poor!!” Jenny

“My partner didn’t get paid by his work, so we were left with literally nothing. I was at the Children’s Centre in tears and they suggested that I came to the Foodbank. I came and it was nothing like I expected. People were so helpful and understanding and not judgemental. They gave me a cup of tea and a biscuit. I was in a bad way the first time I came in. It’s been so much help, especially the nappies, shampoo and toilet roll. They did everything they could do to help.

They also told me about a local fruit and vegetable scheme (which sells at warehouse prices) which is amazing. I’m back again because my partner’s contract is finished and we are waiting for our benefits.” Young mum

“I’ve used the Foodbank a few times when I’ve been at rock bottom. First time I used the Foodbank I was really nervous and embarrassed, but as soon as I stepped through the door, I was made to feel welcome and put at ease. It was not as I was expecting it to be at all. I was given really good products as well and not made to feel bad about being there. I would highly recommend it if you are in real need.” Grandma

“It’s spot on. If I couldn’t get this help off you I would be stuck. I haven’t got friends & family to help, so the Foodbank is superb and the people that work there are helpful.” 20 year old in between work.

May -June 2014

“The Foodbank is a stronghold in the community. I’m a single Dad. People in my circumstances tend to ‘bury their heads in the sand’ with their problems. I myself ended up £2,000 in debt. Now I am getting help to help me pay off my debt. I’m paying out every week, so need help. Everyone needs help from time to time. Poverty is in our community, more than the Government want to admit. I can’t work because I am the sole carer of my two year old. I will go back to work when he starts full-time education. I think the Foodbank is friendly, everyone listens and they’ve helped me out of a tight situation.”

“It was a moving today to see two preschool aged children from a local church come in with their parent to drop off some food donations. At the same time as they walked into the Foodbank, another mother left with her young son helping to carry out the Food they had just picked up. What a wonderful picture of being a helping hand and support to those in your local community!”

Following her visit a couple of weeks ago at the Lawrence Weston outlet, Charlotte Leslie MP said

“Bristol NW Foodbank do really fantastic work with an enormous range of people who’ve run into hard times. Financial crisis can happen to nearly anyone and it is inspiring to see such personal care and attention shared with so many people who are struggling. If Government systems could provide this kind of personalised approach to the people it cares for, we would live in a much better world.”

January 2014

“My pension has been stopped, and it’s a real problem for me waiting for it to be reinstated. Thank you for your help.”

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