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"The Foodbank has been excellent, helpful and a delight"

Wayne and Denise came into our Avonmouth outlet on Monday morning.

“We have always worked. We met at BT where we’ve worked for 28 and 19 years. We’ve also worked at the Council and the NHS. We own our own house and have paid off our mortgage. We’ve both recently lost our jobs and are having difficulty obtaining benefits and just finding out what’s available to us. We have no money left at all now and are relying on borrowing small amounts off our family.

We used to look down our nose at people who weren’t working and on benefits, saying, ‘Why don’t they just get a job?’. We are now finding that its not always that easy.

The Foodbank has been excellent, helpful, a delight. We had someone to talk to and air our views. Also great coffee.”

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