Fundraising for an Advice Worker

Looking ahead, our plans are underway for our big move towards the end of 2018. Our plan is to set up a Social Justice Hub in the old church hall at St. Andrew’s Church in Avonmouth. We will house a much bigger main office here and a much needed main food warehouse. All our four outlets will remain in operation, but we will have this hub to expand and grow our services. We are going to use this as an opportunity to expand our ‘Eat Well, Spend Less” course, and also encourage and grow other support and advice services for our clients. How can you help? Well, our most immediate need with the roll out of ‘Universal Credit’ in Bristol in September is that we would like to make sure we have

Trussell Trust response to the Chancellor's Spring Statement

Trussell Trust response to the Chancellor’s Spring Statement Share this: ‘The Chancellor’s Spring Statement today offers an economy that works for some, but not all. The evidence from foodbanks is clear – for people who could struggle to find or cannot manage full time employment, the economy isn’t working. Disabled people and those with health issues are over-represented in foodbanks, along with families with children – especially single parents. We urge the Chancellor to address these issues in the Budget later this year, specifically by unfreezing and uprating in line with inflation rates levels of child tax credits and child benefits in Universal Credit, and by ensuring work pays for par

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