Eat Well Spend Less Course Feedback

Joanne completed our Eat Well Spend Less course today and said' "I really enjoyed the course. I was already working on a budget. I found out how to make a pasta sauce and soup, that I was just buying ready made before. Learning about portion sizes was quite helpful. I'm now going to weigh our portion sizes. Learning to make pizza dough was good as before I was sometimes buying it frozen." Joanne says she is now spending £40 a week less on the food for her family. Our next course starts on Tuesday 6th June. Please contact our office if you would like to sign up. 0117 9235343

Quote of the week

The (Bristol North West) Foodbank has been so kind and helpful to me, I was worried, nervous and scared the first time I went but the staff there make you feel so much better, I thought people would look down on me for needing to go there but they don't, you get offered drinks and little snacks whilst waiting and the opportunity to talk about your problem to one of the lovely staff if you want to, under no pressure what so ever, the food bank has helped me so much I really appreciate it, keep up the good work guys xx Anon Received by the Foodbank today.

Quartet Grant Received

Quartet Express Grant - Thank you to Quartet who have provided us with £5000 to repair our badly water damaged store in Avonmouth and re-shelve it. The work is now well underway. We are looking forward to moving back in.

Food needed this week

We continue to be very busy and therefore have ongoing gaps in our food stores. This week we really need donations of: TINNED SOUP COFFEE SIZE 5 & 6 NAPPIES Thank you all for your faithful support. You are all amazing and we really appreciate your generous donations.

Sanctioned by DWP

"I have been sanctioned by the DWP, so have come to Foodbank. I can't give the Foodbank enough praise really - if it weren't for people like them and the volunteers then we'd have nothing because the DWP don't seem to care. The food's really good and the volunteers are very helpful. There are people sitting at home with no food and no electric who don't know about the help from the Foodbank. They do a marvellous job." Barry who came to our Foodbank yesterday.

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